1. What is KAPS A-Card?
    * KAPS A-Card is a smart card issued by APS Limited that includes an e-Wallet application.
  2. How does KAPS A-Card work?
    * KAPS A-Card works on a contactless transaction platform that provides the holder of a valid KAPS A-Card with the ability to pay for certain goods and services using the value stored on the KAPS A-Card at any of the KAPS A-Card agents.
  3. Where can I get a KAPS A-Card?
    * You can get a KAPS A-Card free of charge from any participating KAPS A-Card Agent.

    Further Details on how you can obtain your KAPS A-Card free of charge are available at www.aps.co.ke.

    Our outlets are

    1) APS Office

    2) KAPS Head Office

    3) JKIA

    4) NAKUMATT Lifestyle

  4. Current you can use the KAPS A-Card to pay for parking at the following KAPS managed parking.
    * JKIA Airport

    1) Parking 3.

    2) Parking 7.

    3) Cargo – Lane 1.

    4) Main Gate – All Lanes.

  5. Can I use my card immediately I get it?
    * Yes. Your KAPS A-Card is ready for use as soon as it’s activated.
  6. When acquiring my KAPS A-Card how much do I pay?
    * Acquiring and use of the KAPS A-Card is absolutely free of charge.
  7. What do I do if I lose my card?
    * You should immediately report any loss, theft, fraudulent or unauthorized use of your KAPS A-Card through the KAPS A-Card Contact Center.

    On Contact Nos.:+254728607678, +254202710917, +2542710115/9 or on email: acard@aps.co.ke.

  8. What if I lose my card? Will I lose all my cash?
    * Once a card is reported as lost to the KAPS A-Card Contact Center, we will cancel then disable your KAPS A-Card within 6 hours of your report. Once cancellation has been effected, your card cannot be used to make further transactions after this period.
  9. How do I get a replacement?
    * You can acquire a replacement KAPS A-Card from any of our participating agents 6 hours after reporting the loss of damage of your card to the KAPS A-Card Contact Center.
  10. I have run out of value in my card? Do I have to get another one?
    * You do not have to get another card if you run out of value. You can reload your KAPS A-Card at any of our agent stores. Please see the KAPS A-Card website www.aps.co.ke for a list of our agents.
  11. Does KAPS A-Card charge to load value or check my balance?
    * Reloading your KAPS A-Card is free. Checking the balance from the KAPS or KAPS A-Card Autopay machines and the KAPS A-Card website as well KAPS A-Card agents and merchants is free.
  12. Where can I reload the card?
    * You can reload your KAPS A-Card at any of our agent stores. Please see the KAPS A-Card website www.aps.co.ke for details and locations of our participating merchants/agents.
  13. Wiill the cash in my KAPS A-Card expire?
    * Your KAPS A-Card does not have an expiry date.
  14. What is the smallest transaction I can make on my KAPS A-Card?
    * You can make transactions of as low as Kenya Shillings Twenty Only (Kshs. 20/-).
  15. What is the maximum value I can put on the card?
    * The maximum credit value you can store on your KAPS A-CARD at any time is Kenya Shillings Ten Thousand Only (Kshs. 10,000/-).
  16. Does KAPS A-Card charge a standing fee?
    * KAPS A-Card does not charge a fixed standing fee.
  17. Can I pay for anything other than parking?
    * Presently, you can only use KAPS A-Card at KAPS Managed Parkings. We are however in the process of ensuring that you can use your KAPS A-Card for transactions other than parking.
  18. Is it possible to reload my card through my bank account or through using M-Pesa or Zap?
    * Currently, you can only reload your card through our participating agents and merchants.
  19. Can I get a statement showing all my card usage?
    * You can acquire a statement from any of our KAPS A-Card agents, of from the KAPS A-Card website, www.aps.co.ke.
  20. Is there a limit to the number of KAPS A-Card’s that can be registered to an individual or company?
    * There isn’t a limit to the number of cards that can be registered to an individual or company.
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