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Maintan a virtual card for your parking and other Services... More...

The APS e-wallet

Maintan a virtual card for your parking and other Services

Features of APS Card

  • Built on wireless mifare smart card technology

  • Loads up to Kshs 10,000

  • Carries value on the card and does not need to be linked to your bank account

  • Card statement is available through a web portal for registered cards

  • Mobile balance enquiries are supported for registered cards

  • Also functions as a loyalty card earning immediate cash discounts/paybacks where the scheme applies

And the Benefits

  • Carries your money in a convenient, robust package

  • Can be safeguarded against loss or theft if the card is registered

  • Can be loaded at an approved APS agent

  • Ideal for use for self service purchases, no more fiddling for coins

  • Track your spending online without maintaining a separate money management package

  • Money provider has peace of mind that the money is used only for intended predefined purposes

  • Can be remotely loaded via several payment options including via a web portal or simple phone transfer

  • Merchants can achieve reduced cash carry

Kaps A-Card - A Smart way to pay for the finer things in life

KAPS A-Card is a new kind of cash: smart cash. It can be used to pay for those everyday items, such as your morning coffee, your favourite magazine, your lunchtime sandwich and your vehicle parking fees. It saves you from fiddling with coins and helps you keep an eye on where your money is going.

How does the A-Card work?

KAPS A-Card works on a contactless transaction platform that provides the holder of a valid KAPS A-Card with the ability to pay for certain goods and services using the value stored on the KAPS A-Card at any of the KAPS A-Card agents.

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