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A-Card participating outlets

The KAPS A-Card has been developed as a means of payment for various services.
KAPS A-Card holders can currently pay for the following services at the respective locations.

KAPS Parking

Pay for your parking fees at the following KAPS Parkings with your A-Card:

'Tap n Go' System

The ‘Tap n Go’ system allows you to automatically access the parking without having to pick a ticket, or make payments to the cashier.

To pay for your parking fees on this platform:

i. Tap your card against the A-Card reader on the entry station. The barrier will automatically rise to allow entry.

ii. On Exit, tap and hold your card on the A-Card reader for 3 seconds for the parking fees to be automatically deducted. The barrier will automatically rise to allow exit.

This system is available at:

  • Nakumatt Lifestyle
  • Valley Arcade shopping Center

Cashier Based System

The Cashier based system allows cardholders to pay for their parking with the value stored in the card by:
i. Pick a ticket while entering the parking
ii. Present your ticket and A-Card to the cashier while exiting the parking to pay.

This available at the following sites which are earmarked to be upgraded to 'Tap n Go' by September 2011

  • JKIA
  • Holy Family Basilica
  • Kenya National Theater
  • West lands Square (Uchumi Westlands, opposite The Mall)
  • Tusky’s Tom Mboya
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