New To Kaps A-Card?


Maintan a virtual card for your parking and other Services... More...

Plan and Track your expenditure

With a KAPS A-Card you only spend what is in your card. It's also possible to track the amounts spent on your card as well as the specific merchant or agent stores where these amounts are spent. You're therefore able to plan and limit your expenditure to the shilling.

Card Transactions at no extra cost

As an A-Card holder you are not charged any extra amount besides your transaction value at A-Card agent outlets.

Reduce the risks associated with carrying cash

With the KAPS A-Card you're not susceptible to risks that are brought about by carrying around hard cash. Your money is secure in your card. Incase of theft or loss you can block and prevent any further transactions on the A-Card by calling our contact center.

Discounted Rates for KAPS A-Card Users

We would also like to inform you that effective 1st of February 2011, 'KAPS A-Card' holders shall enjoy a 10% and 5% discount on parking fees at JKIA and Nakumatt Lifestyle respectively.

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