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Maintan a virtual card for your parking and other Services... More...


Maintan a virtual card for your parking and other Services

At entry

  • Touch the card is touched to the card reader placed on the entry station.
  • The barrier will automatically rise on sensing the card to allow entry.
  • Your card should be loaded with at least 50 KES to allow entry

At Exit

  • Touch the card to the reader and hold for 3 seconds to allow payment processing.
  • The card reader interface shall display how much time was spent in the parking, the amount deducted and the card’s remaining balance.
  • On deduction of the applicable amount, the barrier will automatically rise to allow exit

Fiddling with coins, looking for misplaced tickets and spending time waiting for change are now a thing of the past. Get your KAPS A-Card here to enjoy these and many more benefits today.

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